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Stylehive is Social Bookmarking + Shopping

Stylehive is a great newish site, that is social bookmarking for shopping. I use it regularly, and it’s great for when you’re browsing online and see something cool, but you don’t want to buy it right away. You can also share your lists with friends, and see what other people are tagging.

I just use a stylehive bookmarklet and then I can tag whatever I want including it’s picture, price, and whatever tags I want to give it. The front page shows the most recently tagged things, and I’ve found some really cool stuff that I’ve saved there as well. Stylehive is also good for things like shopping for a gift, or saving things you don’t need right now (for me that’s often baby/kid stuff) but might want to find again later when you do need them, or say have a baby shower to go to.

You can also make wishlists from your bookmarks, which is a new feature that I am excited to check out. Anyway, it’s a very cool site and they happen to be having a contest so that whoever invites the most people to join in the month of October gets a shopping spree at some online stores! so if you join, please use my link http://www.stylehive.com/register?invitationBy=shannonkay

You can see my stylehive bookmarks here; http://www.stylehive.com/shannonkay

My top tag used on Stylehive is gadget followed by purse. I think that says alot about me.

Gmail Dreaming – Hotmail tries

Last night I had this weird dream that for some reason google went crazy and gave me a ridiculesly large number of gmail invites. I want to say it was like 120. It was really strange. Speaking of Gmail, it seems that Hotmail has finally responded. They are upgrading all of their free accounts to 250mb, and their premium paid service to 2gb. However, they still freeze and delete the files from your free account if you don’t log in every 30 days, and they’re not upgrading everyone at once. They’re doing it gradually starting in July, with the paid accounts first. I’ve been wondering what hotmail would do to respond. It’s not just the space that makes Gmail so well liked, for one thing it’s because it’s Google, and Google is the web. The interface of Gmail is just so well done. The whole service is phenomenal. Google seems to do everything right. search, ads, email. I wouldn’t be surprised if they came out with, like, an IM feature some time and did it really well.

Yahoo Email up to 100mb

I read this today and found it pretty amusing. I logged into my old yahoo account and while the quota was alot better, the interface wasn’t much changed, and it of course, was nothing compared to the Gmail experience I’ve been enjoying recently. I love the interface and the collapsed conversasion-style reply method. It’s practically made me abandon my POP3 accounts. And I actually like the google ads, because when I email a friend about chinese food, I get lots of chinese food links, and it’s nice and unobtrusive and amusing. I wonder what hotmail’s going to do in response to gmail?

story on Yahoo news

I’ve Got Gmail!

woohoo! after reading an article on Geek News Central I checked out the gmail swap website, particularly the Checking for invites page. This section jumped out at me;

Update: 20/05/04. If you’re a Blogger user, you may have the chance to join Gmail, or to distribute invitations. While this feature initially went away after the Blogger redesign, tonight, it’s back! If you are an “active” blogger user, login and then look on the right side above the Blogger Help box. If there’s a little square with the title “Want Gmail?”, you’re in luck! Register for a Gmail account, or else hold off and use the opportunity to swap with one of our supplicants.

I have a blogger account I use to test my blog templates with blogger coding, so I logged in and sure enough! I’ve only just logged in, and it looks super-cool. So, if you’re a blogger user, check for an invitation, and if you don’t want to use it, there are tons of geeky people ravenous for one! If you want to give your invite to someone, don’t click the link, right-click and select “save target as” to copy it to your clipboard. Paste it and send to your lucky friend. :)

I have Gmail. I am so happy… :)